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Facebook, twitter, foursquare, digg it etc. We all know and use social media. In a purely social sense it allows us to interact with our friends, family and in some cases people whom we’ve never met before.

The genius behind it, is that it elevates traditional digital interaction from a stagnate two-way line of communication (email, text) to a multidimensional real-time viral conversation. (Too many adjectives, I know)

Social media at its core is founded upon one of the most basic human needs…interaction. What’s more, as the rate of internet users grow exponentially the internet has encapsulated what I call “social digital interaction”. That is, the combination of regular social activity (e.g. “come play tennis tonight?”) and social interaction about digital media (e.g. “check out this cool video”) in a completely digital format. Whether it’s sharing a blog post, watching a YouTube video or liking your friend’s status, socialising in a digital arena about digital media (but not exclusively), has created a new phenomenon in social trends. We chat about our lives and we share our internet footprints.


To illustrate: Justin Bieber. Bieber comes from London, Ontario. Ever heard of it before? Me neither. But, from a simple YouTube video Bieber’s musical talent swarmed from our Facebook and twitter pages to “real world” cafe’s, schools and workplaces. Bieber Fever was born and Justin became an international star overnight. (Unfortunately) We all know Bieber and some of us even like his music.

So what does all this mean for business? As telesales and email database marketing slide into the abyss of spam, invasive marketing is being replaced by social media interactions. Or so they should be, according to social media expert Scott Stratten. In his book ‘Unmarketing’, Stratten relays his feelings as a frustrated telemarketer and just how hard it was because “NO ONE WANTED TO LISTEN”.

So if you run a business ask yourself,wouldn’t it be great to get realtime information from your target market? To know and understand how your customers feel about your business? The free information that social media generates is a competitive weapon for the modern-day business.  Through social media we can; engage our customers, gain ideas for product or service innovation, get early warning to problems or opportunities and improve our customer service. This list, hardly exhaustive, is typical of the information that customers have and often share.

Ironically this information rarely makes it all the way back to the business owner.

So I say, stop marketing and start listening.

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